Frederica Mathewes-Green on “gay marriage” and it’s protesters.

Frederica & Fr Gregory Mathewes-Green
Frederica & Fr Gregory Mathewes-Green (Photo credit: jimforest)

By Scott Fowler

I ran across this excerpt from Frederica Mathewes-Green who at least in 2010 was struggling why same-sex marriage was such a threat.

“I tried to picture how a nice male couple living down the street, mowing their lawn and paying their taxes, could damage my marriage. Why weren’t we talking about the most obvious threat to marriage: divorce? And what about promiscuity? If anything undermines the standard of lifelong monogamy, it’s cheapened, merchandised sex. Straight promiscuity destroys families more often than the gay sort; on a list of priorities we should straighten out straights first.”

via Frederica Mathewes-Green on “gay marriage” and it’s protestors. | Dover Beach.

Two things are always interesting to me from inside the believing Church: the failure to recognize the long-term effects of behavior; a belief that one person’s behavior somehow does not influence those around him or her. Doesn’t anybody watch It’s A Wonderful Life anymore? The second thing is the idea that we in the Church can afford to prioritize which truths we will fight for today. All truth at all times is important. So, the idea that the nice male couple at the end of the street won’t hurt my marriage ignores the question of what gets damaged when we decide to bless same-sex unions in our churches and the affect it has on our children as they observe those examples. By the way, since when did we decide to say, “Hey, it’s not hurting me so why should I care?” Further, it may sound gracious or righteous to say let’s “straighten out straits first,” but we have to address everything at all times because guess what: the straights will never be straight in their entirety but that does not excuse us from declaring truth to everyone!

Scott Fowler is the founder of the Christ and Culture Initiative. He is a pastor/theologian living in New York. You can learn more about him at:

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