Boys will be boys . . . or will they?

By Roger Erdvig

“Boys will be boys,” the old saying goes. But did you know that boys in Massachusetts’ schools who consider themselves to be girls have the protected right to use the girl’s bathroom, and girls who self-identify as boys enjoy the same right?

Apparently, the truth about reality is not important anymore. How a child identifies his or her gender has become the only reliable way to actually determine gender. God’s design for male and female anatomical and physiological distinctives are beside the point.

In July of last year, New York State approved guidelines that protect transgender individuals from harassment, which is defined, in part, as “repeated, deliberate use of pronouns and names that are inconsistent with a student’s gender identity.” Read that last sentence again. Harassment– which is punishable by law– includes using pronouns that fit a person’s physical reality.

What’s happened, and how did we get here so fast? As you’ve heard many Christian leaders say, ideas have consequences. There is such a thing as cause and effect: when you remove the capital “T” from the word Truth, nothing makes sense anymore. Up becomes down, wrong becomes right, and gender is a choice. And there you have postmodernism in a nutshell.

Postmodernism is a way of thinking that is a catastrophic transition away from the Biblical standard of Truth. In its place, a new standard is enthroned—the individual’s right to choose their own truth, regardless of how that truth matches up with reality. This same standard of truth drives the gay marriage and abortion-rights crusades. But it hits even closer to home for all of us who are raising children in this upside-down world… Not only are students confronted with books like “Heather Has Two Mommies” in their local libraries and public schools, now, Holly is forced to share the girls’ bathroom with “Hope,” who recently decided that he is a she. (Ooops… I better get my pronouns right.)

When Smithtown Christian School talks about developing students with a mind for Truth, this kind of calamity is exactly why we’re so passionate about this. Our children are inheriting a bog-like mess, and only strong leaders with a heart for God, a mind for Truth, and a passion to change the world will be equipped to lead the way out. This kind of leader will navigate the bog with grace, truth, and a Christlike compassion for individuals.

Roger Erdvig is the Superintendent Smithtown Christian School in Smithtown, NY. Learn more about Roger or check out his blog here:  Roger Erdvig.

15 thoughts on “Boys will be boys . . . or will they?

    1. Thanks for responding. The problem with your approach is the idea that we should base our beliefs or actions on what we see “out there” rather than on the standard of truth. I read the documents referenced in this article and also the Times article about Coy in Colorado, the young boy who is identifying as a girl. I am saddened by the pain these young people are enduring, and of course don’t want to add to it. But the answer is not changing truth, values, and standards to accommodate for that which deviates from the norm. Such a reaction is tantamount to saying “up is down.” No matter how far our culture goes to force people to say “up is down” it will never make it true, nor will such a nation gain the benefits that come from simply knowing up from down. It is also a low blow to accuse people who hold to traditional, biblical standards of being the cause of the suicides you are referring to. A society that follows the current trend of making room for every deviation from the truth, thus denying truth, is a society where girls are called boys, baby animals are more precious than baby humans, and traditional marriage is twisted to allow men to marry men and women to marry women.

        1. The question is, “What is reality?” You seem to be saying the reality is what you discover as you go out the front door and indeed those discoveries are “real” in that they represent real situations, etc. I say there is a higher reality, God. The issue becomes a question of how I am going to live. Am I going to listen to God and conform to His view of reality, or am I going to live how I want and look for a god who will support my choices, or simply deny God altogether? When you have no standard of truth then what you discover as you go out your front door becomes your standard. When those things change, as they regularly do, then life is like a roller coaster.

          To your other point–I agree that oftentimes the behavior that you have seen from Christians (“us people”) has not been right. We can agree on that.

          By the way: pedophiles are “out there” as well. I don’t suppose you want to include them in your view of reality and on your list of people that we should accept and accommodate . . . ?

            1. I mentioned pedophilia because it demonstrates that we can’t form our standards simply by “opening our eyes and seeing what is out there.” We can’t support everything that is out there. Now, I think you are still judging me by other examples you have seen, but nothing I have said in my responses to you have been sanctimonious. I have tried to take your comments as seriously as I can and give you thoughtful responses, and I have done that without saying anything insulting to you.

              1. I don’t accept everything that is out there. I look at what is out there and see what should be accepted. And you have insulted me. As for being thoughtful, you seem to have a different definition of that than most people.

                1. The whole purpose of this blog, of CCI in general, is to inspire thought and dialogue. Now, I looked at your blog and I know you are able to be articulate, but in your replies here you have done little more than name calling. Agree or disagree, no problem. But let’s have a conversation about the issue at hand. Explain substantively why you disagree with the article, show that you are able to critically reflect on the ideas it contains.

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