Pastor Frank Schaefer | Roger Erdvig

Here is the link to a timely post by my friend and colleague, Roger Erdvig.  In an interview,  Schaefer (the pastor who is due to be “defrocked” by the United Methodist Church in less than thirty days if he does not denounce same sex marriage)  said,

“I cannot fathom how I would change my mind in that time or in any time. To me this is discrimination. It’s not right. So many people have been hurt. Not just my son — my children — but thousands of gay, lesbian bisexual, transgender people have been hurt by the church and by society. It has to stop. We’ve got to realize what we’re doing here with our theology, our doctrine, and really, our hate speech.”1

If I follow the logic, we should adjust our doctrine so that it does not hurt people’s feelings.

Even the dullest American barely able to think due to the drunken stupor of postmodernistic relativism can understand that we don’t adjust truth to suit feelings (if he or she is intellectually honest). Should we act toward homosexuals from a heart of love and compassion? Yes! Should we stand for people’s rights? Of course! But no one has the “right” to force others to validate his or her behavior and no one has the right to change the truths of Christianity for the purpose of stroking the fragile ego of insecure Americans who not only want to choose but also want to force others to approve of their choices. Like atheists who cannot stop talking about the God they say doesn’t exist, the gay community is so comfortable with their choices that they can’t stop trying to prove it by forcing others to agree with them. They would say it is a call for tolerance, but its not. It’s a call for blanket acceptance and a renunciation of any and every moral value that disagrees with their own.

Pastor Frank Schaefer | Roger Erdvig.

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