Clinics Who Don’t Perform Enough Abortions Are Chided

plannedparenthood108If this article is on the up and up, it brings to light one of the most shameful human atrocities of our times! Quotas for abortions? I can imagine how that from the warped minds of selfish Americans would spring the triumph of choice over responsibility, but at least some liberals at least have mouthed regret over abortion while kicking the decision back to the states and ultimately the individual. But quotas and concern, even threats of punishment to clinics not performing enough abortions? Almost 57,000,000 children have been aborted in America since Roe V. Wade!


Planned Parenthood Awards Clinic for Exceeding Abortion Quota – Christian News Blog.

6 thoughts on “Clinics Who Don’t Perform Enough Abortions Are Chided

  1. It’s interesting how effective the left is when employing the straw man argument. If you opposed to gay marriage, you’re a bigot, hater and a homophobe. If you opposed to abortion, you’re against women’s right of choice or even more absurd, women’s health care. We never hear about taking the right to choose from the baby. The straw man game can be played from the right too. Perhaps the label “anti-child ” should be used regularly. Or even more provoking would be the label, ” anti – female baby.” Since nobody knows how many babies killed are female, the left may have initiated a potential genocide on young females. All this would make Charles Darwin proud.

    1. You, know what surprises me is how few of us on the right even get moved by the realities of abortion! We seem to have been dulled to the attrocity! I simply cannot fathom the person in charge of making sure enough abortions happen!

  2. The glorification of MURDER, murdering children, murdering our future generation. Words can not begin to express my grief over these statistics & the new philosophical embrace of ABORTION emmergence. Tears in Heaven!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I am assuming you are speaking of emergency contraceptives and the morning after pill, etc. If not let me know. The idea of an emergency contraceptive is laughable. The emergency is what happened the night before when your judgment lapsed. 57 million since Roe v. Wade and that is just in the United States!

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