Oprah and Rob Bell: The Beast and Her False Prophet

Rob Bell Suggests Bible Not Relevant to Today’s Culture – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com.

Few things are more sickening than listening to people speak disparagingly about the Church who themselves have no spiritual credibility to speak of; no right to touch or judge the body of Christ.

For Oprah to ask Rob Bell, “When is the Church going to get this” in reference to the normalcy of homosexuality, is nauseating. Rob Bell is practically blasphemous in this video. He is a prophet of some Church other than the true one. Error is one thing, but falsehood and treachery are different matters!


via Oprah and Rob Bell: The Beast and Her False Prophet.

5 thoughts on “Oprah and Rob Bell: The Beast and Her False Prophet

  1. Absolutely unsettling and yet, at the same time, remarkably comforting. Reading (2nd Timothy 4:3-4) has staggering consequences with regard to its prodigious message. Sometimes, I guess, we can feel like spectators of a gory train wreck as events continue to unfold and ultimately come to full fruition. All we need to do is stay behind the yellow caution tape and shake our heads in utter marvel at the fulfillment of scripture.

    Joe F.

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