9 thoughts on “Int’l Campaign Underway to ‘Blacken Israel’s Name’ – Inside Israel – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com

  1. And how are law abiding people supposed to act towards a country whose government forges the passports of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK so its agents can travel the world?

      1. Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, and the British, to name just five who’s passports Israel forged. The United States should be outraged by this, too. It was an outrageous act that willfully endangered all citizens from those countries. That, Scott, is not civilised behaviour.

        1. I’m sorry, John. I missed all your posts where you were outraged at America’s lack of support for Israel; attacks on Israel; your concern over Iran and its threat; all those Muslim terrorist types that call for Israel’s destruction! Don’t bother answering. Your answer will likely be predictable. Israel stole its land from the Palestinians, blah blah blah! You are a good atheist John. You line up exactly where you are supposed to.

          1. Hi Scott

            You didn’t answer the question. Do you condone a foreign nation forging the passports of peaceful nations?

            yes, or no?

            When a willfully belligerent nation behaves like this, how are those peaceful nations supposed to respond?

            And, on another note, my book is finished and out! The Owner of All Infernal Names: An Introductory Treatise on the Existence, Nature & Government of our Omnimalevolent Creator.

            I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts and/or rebuttal to the thesis.

            I just posted a part of the Introduction to the Argument on my blog, and all the links are in the cover icon.

            Hope to hear from you soon

            1. I didn’t answer you question, John, because it was just a muscle memory response flowing from the rest of your values. Nevertheless, of course I don’t condone those actions. But if we throw out every people because of the things we don’t agree with we will all be thrown out. I will say that a nation that feels threatened by the rest of the world may very well resort to many actions that we would not condone. This does not justify the actions but it does bring them within the realm of understanding.

              As for your book, I will look for it.

              1. Great, I hope you enjoy the read. It’s an interesting thesis, and very, very, very hard to not accept as truth.

                Regarding Israel, I know many Israeli’s and am in regular contact with numerous rabbis and the upper echelons of the archaeology world there. I genuinely like Israeli’s. This has nothing to do with “Israeli’s.” It has everything to do with the behaviour of the Israeli government, who is acting, by all definitions, as a rogue regime.

                Forging the passports of peaceful nations is unforgivable. Simply unforgivable. It is abhorrent behaviour. The government of Israel today should count themselves lucky they still have diplomatic contacts with other nations.

              2. And Scott, how else but as a “rogue, belligerent regime” would you describe a government who has broken 65 UN resolutions?

                Sixty five.

                To put this in context: Iraq violated 3 and the US invaded in what turned out to be the biggest strategic blunder in your countries otherwise fine history.

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