John Allen Chau: Martyr?

Click here to read about John from those at ORU who knew him…

The question at the heart of the Christ and Culture concept is to consider what manner of communication and approach the Church take pursue when it intersects with the culture at large. It is to contemplate, “If asked, what should I say to the culture about Jesus?”

The Sentinelese People as Museum Artifact

Among those who have commented on this incident with John Allen Chau and the Sentinelese people are those who support the murderous response of the Sentinelese to Chau. Some have done it on the basis of protecting them from disease, some on the basis of having a right to protect their borders, and (I’m convinced) some just want to preserve this people group as though it were a museum artifact. John Chau just felt they had a right to know Jesus.

Prayerfully Intentional

Don’t listen to the spin that the world is giving to this event. Even some in the Church (if they truly are in the Church) are being critical of Chau as though this were a sophmorish, foolish act. I have it on good authority that the opposite is true.

They say that all people are connected to all other people by six or less points of separation. I did not know John Chau, but I know someone who did—someone who had even discussed this sacrificial mission. And that person knows those who knew Chau even more intimately than that. Those who knew him best know that this was as genuine and meaningful an act of Christian love and sacrifice as what Jim Elliot when he went to the Auca Indians.

The Mantle of John Elliot

Remember John Allen Chau. Fruit for the Kingdom of God will come from his selflessness—fruit that remains.

Want to Be a Part of What John Allen Chau Did?

Pray for the Sentinelese people that they would hear about Jesus and follow Him.

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