Just Another Stupid Example of Cultural Appropriation

It is almost hard to believe that this kind of thing is happening in America. Not just happening, but defining who we are.

First let me say I don’t give a hoot about the Grammy’s, famous people, pop culture, autographs, of famous people or people who have won Grammy’s, etc. I don’t give even a fraction of a hoot. Don’t get me wrong: I have a warehouse full of high-quality hoots to give, but not to the things previous listed. HOWEVER, this stuff is too ludicrous not to mention.

J. Lo’s Motown Mess

Apparently, at last nights Grammy’s, Jennifer Lopez performed a medley of Motown hits. It’s Motown’s 60th anniversary, so Lopez and the Grammy’s pay tribute. Well, that got Twitter ablaze with criticism for J. Lo.

Now the writer of the InStyle.com piece summed it up this way,

The medley, which saw J. Lo shimmying and quick-changing to classics like “Dancing in the Street,” “Please Mr. Postman,” “Do You Love Me,” and “The Best Things in Life Are Free,” received criticism on Twitter on a very simple basis: she’s not a Motown singer.

That is simply not true. The reason for the criticism? J. Lo is not black.

You can find more Tweets like these here.

What is my point, you ask?

My point is to draw attention to the sheer idiocy of cultural appropriation. Think about what is being said here. Because J. Lo is not black, she shouldn’t perform songs made famous by black artists. Did anyone stop to think that the highest form of praise is imitation? In this case, J. Lo (certainly a star) pays tribute to Motown and its artists. What do people think “paying tribute means”? You don’t pay tribute to yourself, others who have appreciated you pay tribute to you for what you have done.

  • Do we really want only black artists to sing songs made famous by other black artists?
  • Do we really want to monitor whether young ladies are wearing Japanese kimonos to prom?
  • Is it ok if I cook Mexican if I am not Mexican?
  • Do we really want to segregate everything like that?

I’m telling you, future generations are going to examine Americans during this era and they are going to write volumes about how stupid we are!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Stupid Example of Cultural Appropriation

  1. I so agree Pastor. I believe the culture today is not happy unless they are criticizing everything at a means for their desire to be seen and heard and for any kind of attention. They preach tolerance yet set the internet ablaze turning on each other at every opportunity.

  2. The concern is for the in-mass “hoot” given. I can understand why people would express themselves on Twitter no matter how constructive or destructive their opinion. It’s fun. I can even understand people getting upset over tweets because we are all susceptible to rash emotional reactions.

    However, our society is being re-invented due to people’s tweets. Companies are removing products, drastically changing policies and firing employees due to tweets. Countries are creating laws due to tweets. Seemingly rational people are making impact-full decisions due to tweets. If I wrote a letter, It may receive a thankful conciliatory response. But a twitter flurry will change our culture. Why do we “give-a-hoot”? Why has our culture degraded to emotion knee-jerk reactions?

    And, how do people who base their words and actions on principles live in this new culture? How do these people change the culture to something more rational?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Well said, Brian! It is baffling, this “new” America. No nation that is based on the flightiness we see today can survive. This generation is witnessing something the likes of which I’m not sure anyone has seen before. Let the Church be the Church!

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