The Liberals’ Most Cherished Law

It is dumbfounding that when it comes to choosing judges one main “value” and “right” always makes its way to the top of the list for liberals: their desire and passion that women continue to be able to stop the beating hearts of their unborn children if they so desire.

Think about that! More than anything else, liberals want abortion. What does that even mean? How does a person with that value system even find peace in their lives.

Sure, conservatives boil it down to abortion as well. But they stand on the side of life, not death! They stand on the side of acknowledging that personal freedoms must always consider who that freedom might be hurting.

Ask any five year old, “Should mommy kill the baby in her belly?” and you discover that even a child knows abortion is wrong.

Clinics Who Don’t Perform Enough Abortions Are Chided

plannedparenthood108If this article is on the up and up, it brings to light one of the most shameful human atrocities of our times! Quotas for abortions? I can imagine how that from the warped minds of selfish Americans would spring the triumph of choice over responsibility, but at least some liberals at least have mouthed regret over abortion while kicking the decision back to the states and ultimately the individual. But quotas and concern, even threats of punishment to clinics not performing enough abortions? Almost 57,000,000 children have been aborted in America since Roe V. Wade!


Planned Parenthood Awards Clinic for Exceeding Abortion Quota – Christian News Blog.